OK.  I bought my Powerball tickets today.  It was up to $550 million a couple of hours ago.  I figure it’s a harmless way to spend the day…waiting for the winning numbers and dreaming of how you would handle such a windfall.  I didn’t spend the grocery money, so it’s just for fun.  Here’s what I’m planning at the moment:

Where do you go to claim the prizes?  I have no idea, so I’ll have to find that out first.

I’ll have to meet with people who can help me figure out how to get it safely invested as soon as possible.  Don’t want it stuffed in the mattress or buried in the back yard.

I’ll set up trusts for all my kids and grandkids so they don’t have to worry.  I want the kids to get to go to college but I don’t want to hand them money until they’re capable of the responsibilities.  Have to manage that part well.

I’ll set up a foundation to give away a nice portion of the money.  I’ll have to figure out the criteria as I have lots of groups I like to help.  Hopefully, there will be enough to endow it for a long time.  I’ll make some generous outright donations right away.  I’ll get the family involved in the foundation so they can share the joy of giving back.

I’ve got some friends who need help and I’ll do that.  How could I enjoy helping strangers when I know so many personally who can use a hand up?

There’ll be some left for me to play with, I hope.  I’ll hit that bucket list of places I’d like to see, take the kids on some trips.  I can’t think of anything I need to buy for myself as far as luxuries.  I’m kind of beyond that and I can’t think of any big dollar things I need or want.

Mostly, I’ll enjoy watching people’s lives made easier because of it, people I know and love and those I’ll never meet.

Enough daydreaming.  I’ll post the picture of me with the winning numbers later…