I’m a confirmed list maker.  I was just looking at my lists…shopping list, To Do list, Ideas for Blog list, Christmas gift list, things to take on a trip list (I don’t have one planned – just a list).  Even my calendar is a kind of list.

When did I start doing this?  Maybe always.  Some of it is because I don’t want to forget something.  That is more important as I get older, although once it’s written down, I remember it most of the time.  Of course, I spend time looking for where I put my cell phone.  I think I only have a land line so I use it to locate my cell phone.

Mostly, I think it’s for the satisfaction of checking things off.  Making sure you remember to do it and then actually doing it is a big deal in life.  Time is my most valuable treasure and I like to use it wisely since my supply is running lower.  It’s not about filling every minute, which just wears you out.  It’s about accomplishing the things that need to be done or you want to be done so that you have all that free time to just fritter away a few hours watching sunsets and grandkids and people or thinking, just thinking.

Does it sound like I’m super organized?  Not so sure about that.  I don’t get everything on those lists done as quickly as I could.  And lists never end – we just keep adding to them.  I do know that I like to look back at each day and know I did something with it.  It’s kind of my mental exercise that keeps me alert and functioning, which is as vital as physical exercise.  Since retirement, I’m aware that I could spend everyday doing one thing without thinking about it.  I could watch TV all day or work on the computer all day or clean or work in the yard all day (well, that’s an exaggeration).  The lists make me get up and do a variety of things.

I could go on and on about my lists…guess I’d better get busy.

Blog.  Check!