It’s one of the coldest days in a too warm winter and all I can think about is ice cream.  That’s another one of those foods I’d have to have on a desert island…probably the one that would make me happiest.

I wish I could write something really brilliant about ice creams or compare different gourmet brands or do something worthwhile with this rambling, but I’m just thinking about ice cream. I’m not too particular about brands, although I know the cheapest kinds sometimes aren’t so good.  I love homemade and Braum’s and Blue Bell and all the expensive kinds and I like different flavors, although I tend to go with basics.  You still can’t beat a vanilla cone.  I even like the soft kind from McDonalds or Sonic and the best is still Dairy Queen…in fact, a chocolate dip cone is pretty much the ultimate.

The best I’ve ever had is Tillamook out of Oregon.  It’s creamy and tastes like the Tillamook co-op folks just milked the cows.  The Huckleberry is awesome.  Wish we had it here.  Maybe not…I’d be there all the time, I’m afraid.

What’s there to say?  It’s delicious and fun and makes you feel good.  Ice cream is an experience that cools the body and warms the heart.  It’s fun if you’re alone or if it’s shared.  It screams party and festivity.  Nothing is better than ice cream when you’re traveling because I just guarantee that there are no calories in it when you’re out of town.  It’s got to be true.

Nothing strips away the years and takes you back to being a kid like an ice cream cone.  You can’t eat it with grace.  You have to become young again, although most of us do acquire the skill to eat it without wearing it.  If you’re down, ice cream will bring out a smile.  If someone is glum, give them ice cream.  My cure for what ills you.

I scream.  You scream.  We all scream for ice cream.  Says it all.