Cars are one of those things I need and I need them to work. The last car I bought was selected to not have too many gadgets to break or things to go wrong. Right now I’m sitting in the Customer Lounge at the dealership, waiting to get the thing you plug your phone charger, a gadget I do need, fixed. Really.

What more can I say? Everything is built for planned obsolescence these days. I have replaced a fancy coffee pot after a year or so of medium use. We replace our phones, our computers. Of course we do. The new ones work better, faster, do more cool things.

My grandmother must be laughing right now. Once my mother bought a nice new arm chair on sale for $200. My grandmother, who never had much & raised three kids alone in the depression, heard my mother and said, “I thought you said you got it on sale.” The three of us looked at each other and burst out laughing. We recognized the difference in generations, life experiences.

Anyway, the dealership is nice. Everything is fine. I just want everything to work so I don’t have these little annoyances in life. Just dream in’…Life is made up of little annoyances to test us for the big ones!