At my latest class reunion, our 50th from high school, there were definite signs that it had indeed been 50 years. Gray or white or no hair, talk of knee and hip replacements, and wrinkles galore. Even the best preserved had some crinkles here and there.

It’s a shock to look in the mirror these days, if you really look. Who is that? I seem to be in a lot of discussions about our appearance these days. One of the main conclusions of those who look pretty good is that they owe it mainly to having good genes. Some of it has to do with exercise and eating right and generally taking care of yourself, but a whole lot of it has to do with what you were born with, your DNA.

I always thought I’d be white-headed by now, but all I have is silver streaks. My father and his parents had beautiful snow white hair and I thought that’s how I’d look by the time I was 50. I guess I got my mother’s side of the family in that gene selection.

The sun has taken its toll through the years. I look at the spots on my hands and arms with shock. When you use those blowing hand dryers, some of the more powerful ones these days will blow with such force that my skin is pulled away from the bones in a huge wrinkle that is appalling. I have more wrinkles than I would like on my face but it’s generally pretty smooth. My mother always stressed moisturizing and she died with hardly a line in her face, like her mother. Thanks for that.

All the parts are wearing out no matter what you do. Eyes, ears, joints and organs are not quite what they used to be. Dang! Well, that’s enough of that depressing talk. Time to eat healthy and exercise so I can try to keep up with my grandchildren. They’re still growing into their bodies. Wonder whose genes will show up at their 50th reunion?

Photo on 7-17-13 at 8.04 AM