I’m trying to plan a vacation, a meandering trip through several states. A leisurely look at our beautiful country. I’ve decided which way I’m headed…now to get ready. What the heck? Getting ready to leave is a trip of a different kind.

So, I need to clean the house. That’s for the house sitter or whoever takes care of the pets, picks up the mail, etc. Heaven help me if they have to experience the level of mess I overlook in my day-to-day living. I need to make sure I have my long list of what to stick in the car updated. When I drive, I pack for most every emergency, so there are first aid kits, flashlights, snacks and water, radios…not to mention clothes, maps (well, iPad), etc. I’ve learned to take a power strip to plug in all my electronics.

I’m taking another trip this fall by plane, so the packing will be very different, especially with the weight rules. To see the difference in travel packing, I always think of the time my in-laws traveled by car to see us. They were going to stop along the way, so they had fishing poles and tackle boxes, lots of bags, and coolers. On the way, they had a wreck that totaled their car and put them in the hospital. When they recovered, they flew home and my husband went with them. This was way back in the 90s, before all the travel restrictions we have today. He had to wrestle them (in wheelchairs) along with all of their car gear through the airports…a nightmare at the least. In spite of it, we treasured the mental picture of him getting them home along with his version of the trip. I still smile as I remember him telling me.

As you can see, I’m not cleaning the house or packing…I’m writing. That’s another thing…as organized as I am, as much reading and researching as I’ve done to make sure to not miss anything of interest on the trip, I’m still procrastinating on getting life at home ship-shape. Oh well, I know I’ll get everything on my list checked off…even if it’s midnight the night before I leave. It all gets done somehow…or not. And, it’s all ok.