I’ve officially been retired for one year and here are five things I can tell you…

1. There is not enough time to do all you want to do. It’s true that you will wonder how you ever found time to work full time before.

2. It’s good to have some goals. I made a list at first of things I needed to get done at home and checked them off so I knew I was getting things accomplished. Some still aren’t done, but at least I have the list.

3. Take your time when starting new things that require a commitment. I started a part time job after about seven months and a friend started a volunteer job. They are working out fine for both of us, but you need to make sure what ever you do is flexible or you won’t enjoy it as much. You get used to YOUR time.

4. Do anything that keeps you in touch with friends and family. Isn’t that why you retired?

5. Do something that you’ve always wanted to do. I started this blog, which I should have done years ago.

6. See…I told you five and I’m at six or more. Make retirement yours and make it count. Don’t sit around thinking about things to do…just do them. Make it fun, make it interesting, make it count.

I’m just getting started and there is so much more ahead. I’m on a trip right now, returning to where I started my retirement a year ago. Time to see what is ahead for year two!