Today I have a guest blogger – my middle daughter, Robin. I just had to share this – she needs her own blog! Y’all enjoy her fun day at the gym…

Today, for scheduling purposes, my trainer threw me into his morning training group, which I will affectionately call the LuLuladies. For 1 hour I had the privilege of working out with 6 of the nicest, most beautiful women at the gym. Because of the obvious differences between us, I decided to make the most of my hour by taking mental notes while we worked out. These are my findings:

LuluLadies: all wore the exact same workout pants that didn’t fall down or wrinkle, or ride up…. I didn’t get the memo.

LuluLadies: have mastered the perfectly adorable loose, messy bun with that doesn’t fall out when they train, and is accessorized by an equally adorable coordinating wide headband.

LuluLadies: don’t have sweaty stringy bangs that hang down in their eyes when they do burpees or pushups. Come to think of it, the Lululadies didn’t sweat…or have bangs.

LuluLadies: bring their own box of tissue and bottle of Anti-bac gel so they can sanitize after each station…including Lunges (Truth)

Lululadies: don’t smell…and they don’t sweat (see above). They are beautiful before, during and after their workouts. It is an art form, and they have truly mastered it.

In contrast, Gapfitgirls: have to pull up their crops after every third burpee; have ponytails that sag after the first round of sit-ups; have sweaty, stringy bangs that require no less than 5 hair pins to hold them back; have tried every wide headband that exists only to find that they all slide off the back of their heads; sweat…a lot… to the point of leaving racerback jog bra sweat prints on the workout benches after presses; and will complete a circuit of kettlebells, medicine balls, TRX straps and bosus…only to walk right past the gallon of anti-bac on the front desk without a second thought.

My comparisons above are simply observations, not judgements. If anything today , I felt a sense of balance to our differences—I am the Yin to their Yang, the Keurig to their Starbucks, the Athleta to their Lululemon, the Labrador to their Shih-Zhu…and it was all good. To all the Lululadies and Gapfitgirls out there—have a fantastic workout today!!