Going on my grammar soapbox for today. I have some cred on this subject because I’m an English major and taught composition briefly as a graduate student. Mostly, I had very, very good teachers who drilled it into me.

When using me and I, please do it correctly. “Me and her are going to the movie” sounds ignorant. First of all, quit putting yourself first, even in this Me, Me, Me world. Then take one of the people out of the sentence and see how it sounds. “Me is going to the movie.” “Her is going to the movie.” Try “She and I are going to the movie.”

Mostly, I hear things like “Me and Joe and are hanging out,” rather than “Joe and I. . .” I cringe. If I were interviewing this person for a job, I would make a note.

I gave up changing the world, but I would love to have one person make the effort to correct their speech. Please. We all make grammar mistakes sometimes, but we can always keep trying to sound a little more educated. Let’s start with me and I. Please.

Stepping down. . .thank you, thank you, thank you to all those great teachers.