imageI’ve been on a long trip, filled with adventures, photo ops everywhere.  In this new era of instant communications, I was often in areas of No Service, which can be frustrating, frightening, and peaceful, depending on whether you’re in need of help or wanting to get away from it all, meaning the constantly being in reach of everyone you know.

The newest road dilemma is finding power for all the gadgets we love so much.  I travel with my iPhone, my iPad and my camera and I use them all the time.  I look up places I’m going or have been, map the trip, look for directions, take a lot of pictures, and sometimes call ahead for reservations or to let people know I’m almost there.  Long gone are the days of looking for pay phones or wrestling with paper maps, although I have those too.  No more carrying rolls of film and flashbulbs for the camera.

But, every night, no matter where I stop, I need power, meaning lots of power sources.  On a car trip, I now take a power strip with me.  I have to recharge everything, including two batteries for my camera.  That’s just me and I’m always traveling with at least one other person who also has stuff to charge.  Once I stayed in a house with my daughters and their families, 14 of us.  Every single one of us had a minimum of one thing to charge every day, even the youngest.  We had cords everywhere.

That’s it.  Just reflecting on taking a trip that enriched my life, my brain, my soul.  And the gadgets I take with me.  We all need to recharge.  I’ so lucky to live the life I have!