May is the traditional graduation month for everyone from preschoolers to graduate school.  This month, my daughter-in-law has finished nursing school and is now a licensed LPN and two of my grandsons are moving on to high school.  Everyone else is moving up a grade, just not such a milestone.  It’s the season of recitals and commencements, a time to celebrate what has been accomplished in the school year.

I’m a sucker for these things, smiling through welling eyes, as proud as anyone can be.  I wish I had the guts to jump up like the lady behind me today and shout, “That’s my grandson,” when her smiling boy received a special award. I’m a little more restrained by upbringing and by nature.  But I appreciate the emotion and smile with her and understand completely.

As a grandmother, I’m feeling the same and different emotions than I did at my own children’s achievements. I’m proud for the grandchildren and mostly glad that I can be here to share their achievements.  I’m proud of and for my children, too.  It’s a richness of emotions.

Then there’s that feeling of time flying by, that gratefulness for what you’ve been given and the nagging question of how many more of these you will get to see.  I’ve got a four year old granddaughter and I keep in my heart all the time that I’d like to be here when she gets out of college.  I’ll be about 82.  Not out of the realm of possibility with my genetics, but never a sure thing.  I’m bound and determined to keep up with the grandkids and be as healthy as I can to enjoy everything to the fullest.  That needs to be my mission in life – watching my health.  Not always my priority, but should be.  Reminding myself again now.

Anyway, here’s to May when we share tears and cheers with those we celebrate and make all their achievements our own, when we even celebrate those we don’t know because we’re proud for them and for their families.  We come together to celebrate some of the best emotions that life gives us.  What a joyous season!