Several years ago, my son, who was both a cook and an expert on pop culture, told me that food trucks would be the next big thing.  I knew he was right because he never missed on those kind of things and I even looked into a food truck for him.  He had great ideas, but not enough time with us to make all of them happen.  Because of that, I look at food trucks fondly and have followed the rise in popularity, just as he predicted.

We’re not talking about food trucks on the midway of the state fair now.  These are mobile kitchens full of culinary delights from some of the best cooks around.  You see them on street corners, tucked away on vacant lots, and in organized places.  I’ve been to parties with food trucks owned by local caterers, a fun touch of good food and atmosphere.

In Portland, there are blocks of them and you can eat any kind of food you like or want to try everyday downtown.  In a city with lots of parks and a fairly mild climate, it’s like a festival every day.

P9090031In Austin, there are food truck lots close to downtown with treats for all, matching the funky feeling in that city.DSC_0009In Tulsa, we have Food Truck Wednesday downtown and workers, artists, and the rest of us folks line up in the shadows of downtown buildings…IMG_4852One of our best local chefs closed one of his restaurants and operates from his food truck now.  Yum!10411378_10203172790017295_2067858657220542596_nWhat’s the appeal?  Why do we stand there waiting for food like this chicken and waffles with chipolte maple syrup and pineapple salsa?IMG_4853

I think there is something inherently fun about it.  It’s just that simple.  I like being outside waiting for the food, watching the people, talking to strangers about what to order and then munching on a delicious lunch.  It’s a totally different experience than a restaurant.  There’s an upscale festival atmosphere that brings good vibes.

I don’t know how else to explain it.  It’s just fun…like these mini donuts cooked in front of me in a small trailer then drizzled with caramel, chocolate and nuts.  Just wicked fun.IMG_4855