While driving through Ardmore, Oklahoma, this weekend, I was on a side street and this display stopped me.DSC_0209

When I realized what I was looking at, I was deeply moved.  This is who we send to battle, these are the men and women who give their sons and daughters to leave home and go to exotic places on the globe to protect the rights of Americans.  Their pride in their service tells the story.DSC_0210

The scope of their service is extraordinary.

DSC_0211 I don’t know who hangs the spoons, but I would add one if I could.  DSC_0210 - Version 2 DSC_0211 - Version 2

As we celebrate the 4th of July and all our freedoms this week, take a moment to think about the Spoons and all the families like theirs.

Thank you, Spoons!