I do believe in God.

What I don’t believe is that there is a God in human form watching us in order to decide whose side He/She is on.  That’s a bit hard to reconcile with a God that is loving, at least for me.  To me, we all want to complicate it.

The worst things ever done by man/woman to the each other, to other living things, to the planet are often done in the name of God.  I cannot believe that God, whatever name you use, is on any side in wars, causes diseases, wins sporting games, blesses or damns any individual among us for being gay, or of any race or religious preference.

From what I’ve read, most religions share some common beliefs, usually along the lines of doing unto others as you would have them do unto you, in various languages and traditions.  Most people want the same things for their country, for their families.

We are our own worst enemies, all of us.  We, and I use that term to cover all humans, use the Bible, or whatever your religion uses, to justify all the worst fears, all the worst feelings we’re capable of having.

During this season of celebration for many religions, let’s remember the basics, the words that teach us to love one another.  In the beginning, there was…something.  And the beauty is all around us.

Peace and Love to all.  DSC_0002