When I was a little girl, the worst thing I could do was to hurt someone’s feelings.  It was bad enough to have my own feelings hurt, but hurting someone else was even more painful.  Talk about feeling lower than low.  It was the Golden Rule ingrained in me from the very beginning.

I still feel that way.  Even in these days of empowerment, standing up for ourselves, and saying what you think rather than holding it back, there is something to be said for the childhood lesson we should have all learned.

How can you not hurt someone’s feelings by bullying, making racist remarks,  or not respecting each other’s religions, sexual orientation, nationality or other beliefs?  I’m speaking of adults now.  We can still hurt each other’s feelings, even though we use all kinds of adult terms to describe it.

These days I feel more and more like the little girl I was.  How cruel people can be.  And, I still wonder how they feel when they know they hurt someone’s feelings.  They can’t really feel good about themselves, can they?

Maybe we all need a little time out these days.

Uncle Woody with Zac - Version 2