In 1963, the year I graduated from high school and left for college, Alfred Hitchcock scared us all to pieces when he released the now classic film, “The Birds.”  If you saw it back then, you remember.  At the Delman Theatre in Tulsa, birds (parakeets) were released in the balcony while we watched, adding to the horror.  I’ve seen it since and it makes me flinch, even when I see the special effects.

Several years later, I was home with a toddler, pregnant again, when two Chimney Swifts flew down our chimney, landing in our family room.  All I could think to do was call my husband home from work to get them out of there.  Remember that scene with the birds coming down the chimney?

I’m a big fan of birds and still have the bird handbook I had as a kid.  The back pages are full of the birds I spotted, listed in my precise printing.  I like birds.  Really.

Last year, I wrote a blog on the baby Mockingbirds who were flopping around my yard.  I actually formed kind of a bond with the parents, standing in the yard and talking to them while they watched over their babies.  I kept the cats away as much as I could and the babies flourished.  I also wrote a blog on the eagles nest this year – more proof that I really do like birds.

This year, the Mockingbirds were out again.  I never saw the babies, but the parents were out there watching the cats every time they left the house.  I think those birds were fine with me.  They were soon replaced with another set of Mockingbirds.  I’m assuming this is a different couple because  too much time had passed for the first couple to still be worrying about their babies.

The current couple is loud and aggressive, possessing a lot of attitude.  I can hear them outside, see them conferring while they sit on the telephone lines.  It started with one of my cats trying to nap on the glider on the deck.  I give him credit for not backing down.  He is determined to have his naps despite the harassment.  The birds wait for him to come through the door and immediately begin.  It doesn’t matter what time I let him out or how dark it gets, I see or hear them out there.  They take turns.  You can see them changing positions. Sometimes the bird on duty swoops down and follows the cat so closely that I have to slam the door so the bird doesn’t come in the house.  Yikes!

I walked outside the other day to take pictures…notice the bird squawking above and the cat’s ears down.  The bird has actually flown down to sit within a foot of the cat.  Gutsy.


I didn’t think the cat was reacting until I took photos and noticed he was hissing, mostly in annoyance.DSC_0784My other, bigger cat, the brother of this one, won’t even go out the back door.  He shrinks and looks around for the birds.  The other day, I returned from errands and pulled into my driveway.  As I was getting out of the car, the bird was in the tree, watching me.  Really creepy.  A couple of days later, I was at the kitchen sink and the bird flew towards the window at me, swooping up as it realized there was glass there.

I wonder if this would be as creepy if I hadn’t seen that movie?  Dang you, Alfred Hitchcock!  I’m ready for this little drama to be over! DSC_0795