Last weekend, I checked another event off my bucket list when I finally got to see Garth Brooks in concert.  My husband and I had tickets for his last Tulsa concerts 17 years ago, but my husband had cancer surgery and we had to give them away.  I’ve watched his televised concerts and listened to stories from friends who ran into him all the time during his semi-retirement about 20 minutes away. Everyone who has ever met him loved him and his gracious nature.  There was never a bad story.  In fact, everyone who met him was awestruck by how down to earth and polite and fun he was.

At our mutual alma mater, I hear stories about him from staff who have met him on trips to Oklahoma State University, where he has a suite at the football stadium, decorated with his letter jacket from his student athlete days.  Garth is definitely a favorite son around here!

I love the fact that all seats were $70, even though there was a frenzy as 7 concerts sold out in a few hours.

I love the fact that he had staff select people in the back seats and surprise them with front row seats before concerts.

I love the fact that his band has been with him anywhere from way back in his college days to 20 years ago.  He introduced all of them and they are almost as familiar as he is.

I loved watching him as a fan made his way to the front with a photo of himself with Garth, taken 20 years ago at the Special Olympics in Stillwater.  I love that Garth never quit singing as he recognized the photo and had the security guard give it to him.  The fan handed over 3 Special Olympic medals to Garth, which he put around his neck, again never stopping the song.  Then he put the photo in his mouth while he unstrapped his guitar and handed both to the guard to give the man.  Again, he never missed a beat.  At the end of the song, I saw him bow his head for a moment, taking in the emotion.  It was one of the magical moments you expect, the things that make an entertainer a superstar.

And, above all, Garth Brooks is an entertainer.  I have never seen anyone who absolutely soaks up the love from the audience and sends it right back to them the way he does.  There is nothing fake about it as you watch him.  He absolutely revels in it.

I love his music, his energy, and his devotion to his fans.  When the cell phones lit up as he sang “The River,” he asked for more as the arena turned into an ethereal place.


If you get a chance, go see him.  Even if you don’t like his music, he’s a phenomenon, a force.  And a heck of a lot of fun!