My 4 year old granddaughter and I went to the Oklahoma City Zoo last weekend for a little road trip.  I love zoos and watching human families as much as the animals, so it’s fun to have another round at going with a little one.  Our special treat was to see the 3 week old Indian rhinoceros baby.DSC_0093It reached 100 degrees that day, but, like all mommas, this one had made sure her little one was covered in sun screen or mud.DSC_0084He was still nursing, so he didn’t get far from Momma Rhino.  Bless her heart.  She didn’t look too happy at the crowd watching, but that had to be the least of it since she’d carried him for 450 days and he’d been 120 pounds at birth.  He’s still her baby.  And, what a cutie he is…DSC_0094One of the gorillas had a new baby, too.  A little older than the rhino baby, but she was leaning over it very protectively when we got to the window.  She watched the crowd then laid down beside him, watching her precious child sleep, as we’ve all done.  DSC_0100One of the best part of learning at the zoo is getting to experience such tender moments with the animals.  They love their babies and protect them just as we do.  We learn that we’re all here on this planet with the same goals as parents…give them birth, watch over them, give them tools to survive, and then let them go into the dangerous world out there.

Love the Mommas.  And the Daddys.  Of all species.