Happy Birthday to me!

I’m feeling pretty young for my age, pretty sharp, pretty healthy and very loved, so that makes it a good thing.  I’ve gotten cards and calls and texts and emails and Facebook messages and posts from so many people.  I DO love the ease of technology and know that it is every bit as sincere as the old ways because I do it myself.

The day was quiet since this isn’t a momentous number for me and everyone is busy, busy, busy.  And that’s fine.  I took a walk on a unseasonably warm morning and spent the afternoon with my 3 year old granddaughter at the Oklahoma Centennial Botanical Gardens, walking again in the bright Oklahoma sunshine.  One thing I’ve learned is that birthdays tend to go on and on these days.  I had a birthday dinner with a friend on Friday and will have another one or two along the way.  There are brunches and lunches and dinners with family and friends and those are as much fun as one day of celebrating.

The main thing is that a birthday is a time that we count our blessings in years, in family and friendships, in health, in love, in memories and lessons learned.  It’s our special day to focus on our own life with all its ebbs and flows and toast ourself for making it this far.

And hope we make it to the next one, celebrating each day all the way.