OK.  I know that today is January 2, but who starts their New Year’s resolutions on the first?  That’s the day we make our list and eat the rest of the sweets in the house while we sit in front of the tv watching parades and football.

So, I have all the usual resolutions…eat better, read more books and watch less television, write more, get all my photos in order, clean the house more, and walk or exercise more.  Also, get in touch with all those friends that I miss who are so close but I never see.  And travel.  And…

So far today, I have eaten better, watched no television and taken down all the Christmas decorations.  That last one is pretty impressive since I wallow in that holiday and it takes me three days to get them all out and arranged.

I didn’t get the house back in order, but that’s next on my list.  I’m going to do it gradually because I have a group coming to my house next week and I may as well just work my way towards a clean house rather than clean in a frenzy and have to do it all over again.  Having three dogs and two cats makes for more cleaning, but they are another story.

The thing I like about all the decorations for Christmas is that I know my house is going to be really clean when I put them out.  I have to pack away the things that are out and clean before I decorate.  Then, when the holiday is over, it’s the reverse.  I’m cleaning like mad, detail cleaning, deep cleaning, every crack and piece of molding cleaning, getting shiny for the new year.  It doesn’t last, but at least I know I got it done.

I’m going to read tonight and I’ve already called a couple of friends.  That’s a good start.

I’m hoping that my moments of inspiration will continue.  Writing them to you is a confession and it will be embarrassing if I don’t do any of them.  Remember, I’m retired now.  I lost a whole lot of excuses with that major life change.  So, if you see me, please don’t hesitate to ask if I’m doing ANY of them.  After all, my major goal with resolutions is to be here to see the next year in good health and having fun.