New Year’s Eve is kind of a funny holiday for me.  I can remember celebrating it in a bunch of different ways, from 7 parties one year…and it was icy & snowy out, for gosh sakes…to staying home with the kids, banging pans on the front porch.  It’s such an interesting ritual, watching the calendar change and hoping for a better year coming in.  Even when the last year was a good one, we always hope for a better one.  When it was a bad year, we hold our breath.  It can’t get any worse, can it?

We’re somewhat obligated to do something.  We’re either part of the festivity or we watch it on TV.  We can celebrate all around the world as the new year comes round to us.  We can get up and cook black-eyed peas (yuk) and watch football, even though the bowls aren’t what they used to be, and then it’s back to what we were doing the next day.  We wake up on January 2 with resolutions to lose weight, exercise, get organized, be a better person, and anything else that comes to mind.

And, I like that we do this…take stock of ourselves and our lives and the world…see how to make us or it better.  What a positive way to start a fresh new year.

This year is a quiet one here.  My three year old party animal has flaked out on celebrating, so we’ll do it tomorrow.  What does she care?

Here’s my oldest grandson celebrating with me when he was almost two…he’s almost 16 now.  One thing about it…the years keep coming, thank goodness!


Cheers to you from my family!  May your new year be all that you want it to be with a few adventures thrown in for excitement!