It’s raining in Tulsa, Oklahoma today!


It’s raining…a nice, steady rain with a rare clap of thunder.  It’s been so long since we had a good rain here that we almost don’t know what to do.  It’s been the driest year in ever so long, taking us back to Dust Bowl days, although I hate to compare to that since we are not living in the same times or with the same knowledge.

The trouble with the weather here is that it’s true what Will Rogers said, “If you don’t like the weather in Oklahoma, wait a minute and it’ll change.”  We’ve had other dry years and everyone was praying and begging for rain and we got it…in deluges, floods.  Be careful what you wish for.

There were wistful comments about our lack of a winter since we had very warm temperatures and just a scant flurry of snow.  I love the snow, too, but not so much the ice storms.  Again, be careful what you wish for.

We wish for the cold in the scorching days of summer and the heat in the freezing days of winter.  We don’t ever seem to be satisfied with what we have around here.

I’ve been in states where the seasons are pretty much the same and it’s great, but I grew up with all of them and am pretty much a four season girl.  It’s not like we don’t have heaters and air conditioning for the extremes here in the city, so we’re not actually living out in the elements.

The best I can do is say that I like the following:

Snow in winter if I’m home with plenty of supplies and a fire in the fireplace – it’s stunningly quiet and beautiful

Rainy days when I don’t have to get in and out of the car – love the sounds of rain on the rooftop and thunder and lightning shows in the far sky

The fresh greens of spring with new flowers and color coming to brighten up winter’s gray

The cleanness of spring with warm temperatures that make you want to get outside and play or plant or start something new

The first days of summer on the golf course and at the pool or lake

Summer flowers and the richness of the flowers and plants and trees with their canopies of leaves to shade us

The crisp feel of cold in the air in the fall and the change of the colors in the leaves

The sound of the leaves crunching under your feet as you rake them into piles

The trees in the winter, stripped bare and forming lacy patterns against the sky

It’s all beautiful if you’re comfortable, spoiled people that we are.  Today, I’m just enjoying listening to raindrops falling around me and watching all the living things outside drink them up!  Getting ready for the next season.