Driving through Arkansas, we were looking for some catfish. The restaurant we wanted was a few miles from the interstate, but not open for lunch. Nick’s BarBQ & Catfish was ahead in Carlisle, but it seemed too good to be true to have something so good just feet from the interstate. But, the parking lot was full with semis and local cars and you could smell the good smells from outside, all good signs.



No frills, just terrific catfish, fried like it should be. They also served tater babies, wedges of seasoned potatoes. Yummy! I had steamed veggies to cut all the fried food. The whole menu looked great.

The greatest moment was two old men, wrinkled, bent over, who shuffled in together. Old friends out to lunch. We could hear them discussing the situation in Israel. I heard one say, “it’s not in scripture, although I had no idea what that was related to. On they talked, while the tv in the corner covered the news. And then their lunch arrived. I turned around to catch them as they took each other’s hand, bowed their already bent over heads, and said grace amidst the noise of the restaurant.

Precious moment captured in my memory forever. Special lunch on the interstate…