When I was in college, I printed a quote that I liked and kept it on my bulletin board, probably the whole time I was in school. I found a copy of my little handwritten note the other day in a box of old clippings. It’s from Loren Eiseley, anthropologist, philosopher, beautiful writer. I can’t say I’ve ever read his books, but I loved the quote, wherever I found it.

“In the days of the frost seek a minor sun.”

I’m not sure what I thought that meant when I was 18 or 19. I hadn’t experienced the frost that life can bring us yet, other than teen angst at best. I know I loved the thought of looking for the positive in the coldest times in your life.

Today, I read it with experience, knowing what the frost can be in my life, in other people’s lives. Sometimes all we can do when the frost covers us in sadness or despair is hope for a glimmer of light to melt away the cold.

Not much I can say to improve on Dr. Eiseley’s words. Wishing you all the minor suns you need in your days of the frost.