This week I started my final year being in my 60s.  Technically, I’ve lived 69 years plus three days.  Where did it all go?  Really…

When I hit 60, I felt empowered.  There was something about it that felt strong, like I could do anything and not care what others thought.  Well, sort of.  There was an empowerment, though.  I was feeling very independent.  I had a great job, good friends, wonderful family.  I even semi-retired.  All was good.

It’s stayed that way actually.  I’ve been on many adventures, am not taken down by petty discussions and time consuming things I really don’t enjoy.  The only difference was that I suddenly noticed, when I turned 65, that there were some tell-tale signs that, uh-oh, my body was also getting pretty independent, not to mention developing aches and pains, wrinkles and age spots, more gray hairs and so on.  Uh Oh doesn’t even begin to describe that realization that your mind is still functioning quite well, running on all cylinders so to speak, but you are being sabotaged by your physical being.  I guess it’s better than the alternative, but it’s kind of a shock.

All my healthy check-ups through the years are still pretty good, but there are things you can’t help but notice.  Who is that in the mirror?  Whose hands are those?  Why are all my friends having parts replaced?  Things you did in your youth are catching up with you, as is your DNA.  I can feel an occasional pain in my thumbs that my doctor assures me is arthritis.  They also found some in my neck.  I haven’t broken any major bones, because then I know I would have more, but I can sometimes feel a pain in my knees on stairs.  Not bad – I still walk very well – but…

My annual hearing test shows some signs of loss at very high levels.  Hunh?  I really think I hear well, so what’s that about?  My sight is not as good without my glasses, so thank goodness for those.

Bottom line is that the downhill slide that you on after you’re over the hill is speeding up.  It’s all up to us how we take are of ourselves because all our bad habits are going to catch up one of these days.  On the other hand, I know people who took excellent care and still died.  Oh well.

Whatever happens will happen, so it’s time to enjoy everything on this wondrous earth.  Sunrises and sunsets, all the seasons, music, art, beautiful landscapes, and, mostly, all the beautiful people we meet along the way, especially those who are dear to our heart.

Sixty, smixty.  I’m just girding up for my 70s!IMG_5235