As we get older, we forget about skipping.  My youngest granddaughter has learned how and tends to skip rather than run these days.  At five, it’s a relief to her much slower grandmother because she doesn’t get so far away from me.  I still tend to be behind her, watching her move.  Here’s her ballet class, skipping across the room.  IMG_5643I’m not sure little boys skip, but little girls sure do.  There’s something so fun about it.  Also, I hear her humming while she skips.  A friend told me I hum when I’m happy, although I’m not aware of it.

A friend of mine married late and has younger children than most people his age. He was in his 50s when his daughter was about 7 or 8.  One day he stopped by my house to help with something and brought his daughter.  I looked out the window and saw him skipping with his little girl.  I never said anything to him but I think I told his wife.  It was so very precious and I hope his daughter remembers that moment forever.

There’s a new movement to add skipping to exercise programs.  Why not?  It certainly gets the old body moving and lifting off the ground and the heart pumping.  There’s a youthfulness to the movement, described by one on-line dictionary as a hippity-hopping movement.  Cute.

Just think back to a time in your life when you skipped.  It had to be a happy memory, didn’t it?  I can’t imagine anyone skipping sadly.  And you do tend to want to hum something catchy.

Skipping through life doesn’t sound bad at all.  I’m going to try it while I still can!