On a dreary, freezing rain morning, I found myself driving from Tulsa to Vinita along historic Route 66. I chose this road rather than the turnpike on purpose. For awhile I worked in this area and loved being out in the rural communities and there is a lot of what makes Route 66 famous on this stretch. Usually, I don’t have time to stop and take pictures or double back to check something out or travel down a side road.

Here’s what I found…

A little movie theatre in Vinita. I love old movie theaters.


A flea market along the road.


I wonder what baby things they have.


Their yard art is incomparable. They have a dinosaur, Statue of Liberty, gargoyles, a dolphin, angels, cow and what else?


In Chelsea, there is this motel. You have to picture it when the first travelers on Route 66 saw it.


On the other side of Chelsea is the park with the merry-go-round and swings. I bet everyone in town has gotten dizzy on this. I gave it a push although the seats were coated in ice.


This house sits there by the road. I guess until it collapses. Wonder what its story is?


I turned down a road and found llamas and cows, which always makes me stop. It’s Oklahoma.


The historic Totem Pole park, home of the world’s largest totem pole, is a true Route 66 landmark. I hadn’t been here in years and it was very retro on a drizzly morning.


On the way back to the highway, I passed this colorful skull signage on the fence.


I love the irony of the Top Hat in Foyil. It was or is a dairy bar. In the country.


I turned around to see what was going on with the ape at Kong’s Korner. Looks like vandals got to him. What can you say?


Crossing over the old bridges near Catoosa.


And a final wave to the Blue Whale, patiently waiting for summer.


Route 66 always brings a smile.