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Today is my nephew’s wedding to a beautiful girl, an event they have been planning for months, down to the last detail. A dream wedding. Then life and nature stepped in. There was a snow/ice storm in Oklahoma that came up from Dallas, where the wedding is being held. Dallas was iced in, planes cancelled, power out. That means some guests, including my family and me, were unable to drive or fly in.

After years of party planning for my family, as a volunteer and then as a paid event planner, I’m used to these kinds of things. I have to say that my own wedding was in the middle of a blizzard/ice storm back in 1966. We were waiting at the church as my husband-to-be slid by. I told the minister not to worry, that he would get there. He did and I was too naive back then to worry about it. My mother had handled everything and I just wanted to get married. The details – and the worries – were hers. And everything went fine. People really are flexible.

I’ve planned many a party or event that got rained or snowed out. There was a tornado warning the day of one of my daughter’s wedding and we sat huddled in the basement that day. It doesn’t matter how carefully you plan because there is always that unknown factor and sometimes there is just no way to have a Plan B.

So, today, I’m sending much love to the bride and groom and hoping they are doing ok because I know this has been crazy. We all know they will be able to look back on this craziness and have the stories to tell. But, today, I’m sending them wishes for calmness. They will be beautiful and the wedding will go on and they will start their life together having weathered their first storm. It’s all about the marriage anyway.

I’m raising my mug of hot tea to the happy couple and toasting them with much love and many good wishes. It’s your day, Lisa and Kevin, and we can’t wait to see the pictures and hear the stories!


Here we are…the day my/my class’s 50th reunion begins.

I’ve been an event planner for many years, first as a volunteer, then as a professional. I actually started in high school or before when I think back on it. The thing I know is that I need to come to terms with the fact that I am never ever, never ever ever, going to get to attend anything without dragging a bunch of stuff with me. Resign myself to the fact that I’ll always be bringing check lists, rain plan, registrations sheets, cash, maps, t-shirts, easels, posters, name tags, banners, food, serving items, tablecloths, memorabilia, pencils, pens, tape, first aid kit, whatever is needed. I don’t have to bring all that today…other people get to schlep things too.


Also, resign myself that I am never going to look like a million dollars because I am setting up until the event starts. That’s the nature of the deal. Last year, in my final hurrah as a professional, I was standing in my office in my underwear, wildly spraying perfume on myself, kicking off jeans to pull on something more presentable, while peeking through the blinds as the elegantly clad, relaxed guests arrived right below me. I had already greeted the first guests, who came early for pictures, dressed in a t-shirt and jeans, much to my amusement…and theirs. At least we netted over $2 million on that one.

Today is a little different. Planning events is half the fun, but this one is special, it’s for people I love and have missed. Today’s not so crazy…yet. I’m waiting at home for a shipment of favors. Another shipment got messed up and won’t arrive until the reunion is over so we’ll be mailing those. Events are never over at the end of the event. Never. I remember standing in the aftermath of my youngest daughter’s wedding, the first of our children to marry. My husband and I just looked at each other. We had to pack the car with gifts, table decor, things guests had left behind, extra food. We learned that lesson for the next three weddings…make someone stay behind with you! Nothing like throwing off your tuxedo jacket or your heels and digging in for some after party labor. There is always follow up of all kinds, even if it’s just talking to people in the afterglow of a success.

At least my haircut was good this week. My nails are broken. I’m not worrying about what to wear because I haven’t seen most of these people in years so they have no idea if what I have on is new or old. And they don’t, or shouldn’t, care. We just need to be comfortable in ourselves so we can enjoy. Lord, we’re 68 years old, on average. I’m one of the younger ones at 67…thought I’d throw that in for a laugh. And the weather looks great…you can never plan on that happening for sure in Oklahoma. We’d have fun anyway, but….bonus!

The 50th reunion is such a draw that one friend is coming after having 4 hours of brain surgery on Wednesday! Another is taking the immobilizer off her post-surgery knee to hobble in. In fact, several are post-surgical on various parts of their bodies, come to think about it. So we’re jogging, walking, strolling, riding, limping in, all to re-live times oh so long ago. Some of us will look better than others, but even the ones who look good sometimes have been through a lot that doesn’t show. We’ve earned all the wrinkles, gray hairs, lost hairs, scars and laugh lines. Time to have fun and remember…

As Elton John sang:

Don’t you know I’m still standing better than I ever did
Looking like a true survivor, feeling like a little kid
I’m still standing after all this time…

Here we go, Class of 1963…still standing and together for this fun weekend! Whew!