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“I used to be fun.”  There’s probably not a soul who hasn’t thought this for at least a moment in his or her life.  We all experience moments when we feel like the dullest of souls in a duller than dull life.  Hopefully, that’s a temporary feeling, easily replaced by the urge to do something that makes you smile.

I can’t define “fun” because it’s different for every one of us.  Some like thrill seeking adventures, some like quiet moments with friends.  There are activities like sports, board games, movies, books, nature walks, travel, gardening, playing cards, visiting museums, attending plays and concerts, having coffee with friends, dining out, crafts, riding bikes and motorcycles, and more things than I can imagine.  Even our work can be fun.

The idea that “I” am fun is a little different when you think about it.  I think a fun person is someone who is open to life, open to the new experiences we find every day in the people and ideas and places we encounter.  A fun person makes everything fun for others by making them feel loved, liked, appreciated, a part of the activities.  We can certainly not be fun.  We can choose to be Debby Downer.  We can make everyone around us miserable by our sour mood.  This isn’t to say we don’t have our dark days when we face the life events that break our hearts or change our lives, but we don’t have to let those define us.

My theory is that the first thing you can do to be fun or have fun is smile.  Once you’re smiling, you’re on your way to having something fun happen to you and around you.

Have a fun day!


This weekend, the weekend before Thanksgiving, I did some shopping here and there, getting ready for the holidays. Everywhere I went I left with a smile on my face because of how friendly and nice everyone was. The clerks were friendly and smiling. In the grocery store, people laughed when we bumped carts and made light conversation with strangers as we picked out or favorites for the upcoming feast. One lady and I almost collided as I left an aisle and she joked that she shouldn’t be texting while driving.

At one store, some lovely people were handing out papers asking shoppers to purchase goods on the list to help with Thanksgiving dinner for men at a shelter in town. I gladly did so and was greeted with smiles and genuine gratitude from the volunteers. People were talking to strangers about the big game that night and laughing about the cold outside while they went about their shopping. The people handing out samples of food were laughing with the customers. It was the same everywhere I went. When I picked up a prescription, the lady commented that our birthdays are both coming up in a week or so. We talked about that.

It shouldn’t seem strange or unusual, but it really kind of was. Nobody seemed in a hurry or annoyed or frustrated. Everything was moving smoothly in all places. People pointed to their cars so I could follow them to get a place, people thanked clerks, clerks thanked customers. It was nice out there, running routine errands.

I hope everyone stays this sane, this relaxed during the coming weeks. I’m going to try and do my part and make sure I shop with a smile on my face. Aren’t we supposed to enjoy the holidays? Aren’t we supposed to be shopping for people we care about and doing extra things for people who need us? Isn’t this season supposed to be fun?

Remember during the coming weeks, when you feel rushed or pressured, to slow down, relax, hum a holiday song, smile, and do what you can to make this season, no matter what holidays you celebrate, what it’s supposed to be. . .the nicest time of the year!