On Veterans Day, it’s appropriate to thank all of our veterans and their families. Thinking back on my own veterans, my thoughts go to all my family members who played a part in any war. Thanks to all of them…

My father, a Lt Colonel in the Air Force in World War II, who was a Squadron Commander flying bombers from Africa to Italy. His men never forgot him.

Scan 28

My grandparents who sent three sons and a son-in-law to war. Their youngest son, pictured with my grandfather, didn’t return…shot down over Germany.

Clayton & Bill

My grandmother never got over that loss…

Aggie on 39th St

My other grandmother sent both her sons to war. She stayed home and packed parachutes at Ardmore Air Base.

Jerry West & Artie West (2)

My mother worked on the Air Base, where she met my father. They married at the end of the war.

Betty & J C Hamilton wedding

My husband, who served in the Navy during the Viet Nam War. His post was state-side, but he served with pride.

Scan 1

I salute all the men and women who serve and those who wait for them. It’s about all of them giving for all of us. Thank you!