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Just got back from a morning walk and remembered this piece I wrote for no particular reason 10 years ago. So much has happened since then, but a lot hasn’t changed. You can read this while I cool off…


I took a walk tonight – a small journey. I have lived in this house, this neighborhood, for less than a year. I moved from my big family house of 27 years to my small house for me. It is a nice neighborhood with homes from the 1940’s, a neighborhood of four blocks with distinct boundaries. There are older people and young couples with small children – a good mix. Some of the homes look small from the street, but they have been remodeled and rooms have been added and they can be deceptive.
I have always liked to walk – it makes me stand up straighter, get my arms and legs in synch, and let my thoughts flow free. I wasn’t walking too fast – but fast enough. Other walkers said Hi – we do that here. I waved to a young couple & their children who are friends of my kids. I got into my rhythm and let my mind flow to other summers, other walks. This summer has been mild so far – the hot Oklahoma sun has not begun to beat down, withering everything in its path. The night was pleasant, everything is green and smells fresh. I loved the air against my face.
I used to walk through the old neighborhood with my husband. At one time, I was trying to get in shape and we walked every day for months – maybe close to a year. He was obsessive – like a personal trainer. We would walk four miles every morning and three miles every evening. Just leave the kids and walk. And talk. I have no idea what we talked about – but we talked and talked – trying to keep breathing while we moved. Neighbors said they could hear our voices traveling up to their second story bedrooms in the early morning and they would know it was just us. People who saw us walking laughed. He was 6’4” and I am about 5’5”. About every block, I would do a little quick run walk to catch up to his stride. He just walked and I jump stepped to keep up. At least he didn’t have me jogging beside him. I don’t know if a run of bad weather or kids’ activities or what made us stop. Some excuse.
Tonight I walked just before sunset. It was light enough to see but the lightning bugs were starting to blink, bringing back memories of childhood summers chasing each other around in the dark, filling jars with holes punched in the lids full of the wonderful bugs, hoping to catch their magic. The bugs were talking – I remember June bugs from summer. We would catch them and let them walk across our hands – tickling us with their feet.
I walked through another neighborhood, past homes that used to occupy my childhood friends. A feeling of stability and continuance – I have been here and am still here. I walked on a street where I used to walk with a friend in high school as he threw his paper route.
I walked to move my body, feel my heart pump, my lungs breathe and my thoughts flow. I walked to get away and to come home.

No applause, please, but I did the Jingle Bell 5K Run/Walk today.  It was my first run/walk…let’s just call it a walk.  I hate to run and always have, but I love to walk. I had no problem walking 5K (3.1 miles) and really didn’t even feel it.  I could have gone faster or further, but I chose to just walk a steady pace rather than setting a personal best.  I was setting a personal best just by being there.


My 11 year old grandson, Marc, went with me.  He’s a runner so I told him to go ahead, but he chose to walk with me.  I was there for the experience and it was fun to have company.


First of all, I love the fact that people make these kind of events into an opportunity to dress up and be funny.  The whole atmosphere was holiday festive with accessories ranging from hats (we wore Santa hats), to elaborate costumes worn by entire groups.




I was surprised by the number of dogs, most for the 1 mile Fun Run, although I don’t know why.  People love to take their dogs with them. There was a group of German Shepherd owners with some beautiful animals, and the other dogs ranged from small to large, wearing bows, bandanas and full costumes.





There were families and clubs and sororities and church groups and friends who made it an excuse to get together for the morning.  They wore matching tee shirts or costumes.



I love the women who ran in long skirts.  Were they Amish, Mennonite, what?


I love the Santa pushing the stroller.  Wonder what his little one thought?  Especially when Santa quit pushing and started running beside him.



It was fun to watch the crowd gather and then head out to the tall buildings of Tulsa.  Marc kept looking up and I realized he wasn’t used to walking downtown.  It was an opportunity for me to tell stories of my childhood, coming to movies & shopping downtown.  He couldn’t believe there used to be movie palaces downtown.  I pointed out places along the way  that he might not have noticed.


We didn’t break any records, in fact we walked slower than I usually do.  Maybe it was all the people watching we were doing or talking to Marc or taking pictures or just enjoying the whole experience.  We crossed the Finish Line and then went to get coneys.  I’d say it was a good morning.

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