No applause, please, but I did the Jingle Bell 5K Run/Walk today.  It was my first run/walk…let’s just call it a walk.  I hate to run and always have, but I love to walk. I had no problem walking 5K (3.1 miles) and really didn’t even feel it.  I could have gone faster or further, but I chose to just walk a steady pace rather than setting a personal best.  I was setting a personal best just by being there.


My 11 year old grandson, Marc, went with me.  He’s a runner so I told him to go ahead, but he chose to walk with me.  I was there for the experience and it was fun to have company.


First of all, I love the fact that people make these kind of events into an opportunity to dress up and be funny.  The whole atmosphere was holiday festive with accessories ranging from hats (we wore Santa hats), to elaborate costumes worn by entire groups.




I was surprised by the number of dogs, most for the 1 mile Fun Run, although I don’t know why.  People love to take their dogs with them. There was a group of German Shepherd owners with some beautiful animals, and the other dogs ranged from small to large, wearing bows, bandanas and full costumes.





There were families and clubs and sororities and church groups and friends who made it an excuse to get together for the morning.  They wore matching tee shirts or costumes.



I love the women who ran in long skirts.  Were they Amish, Mennonite, what?


I love the Santa pushing the stroller.  Wonder what his little one thought?  Especially when Santa quit pushing and started running beside him.



It was fun to watch the crowd gather and then head out to the tall buildings of Tulsa.  Marc kept looking up and I realized he wasn’t used to walking downtown.  It was an opportunity for me to tell stories of my childhood, coming to movies & shopping downtown.  He couldn’t believe there used to be movie palaces downtown.  I pointed out places along the way  that he might not have noticed.


We didn’t break any records, in fact we walked slower than I usually do.  Maybe it was all the people watching we were doing or talking to Marc or taking pictures or just enjoying the whole experience.  We crossed the Finish Line and then went to get coneys.  I’d say it was a good morning.

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